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Even More of a Fun Thing
HobbyZone's new Firebird XL RTF R/C Airplane

Never in a million years could we dream that the folks at HobbyZone would come up with something as fun and easy to fly as the Firebird. Were we ever pleased to be wrong! The new Firebird XL takes all of the simplicity and fantastic flying manners of the first Firebird and adds more size, more power, and legs-that's right, landing gear! Now you can launch with a rolling take-off and shoot touch-and-go's. Not since . . .well . . . the first Firebird has ready-to-fly been this much fun.

More is better
The main differences between the first Firebird and the new XL version are size and power. The XL's larger 40" wingspan, bigger fuselage, and more powerful Mabuchi 380 motor allow it to be flown in windier conditions. Beginners shouldn't fly it with any more wind than about 8 mph, but experienced pilots should be able to fly the XL with confidence in 12-15 mph winds.

The XL's larger wingspan, longer fuselage, and more powerful motor make for one fun flyer.


The Mabuchi 380 provides enough zip for rolling takeoffs. The included battery pack lasts an average of 15 minutes The unique patented Flight Trak control setup of the XL provides maneuverability with the power on or off and rarely needs adjustment


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