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This is the optional 45T micro modified motor for the HPI Micro RS4. This item replaces the stock motor provided with the kit. FEATURES: 45T modified Pre-installed capacitors INCLUDES: One 45T motor with pre-isntalled capacitors One motor connector (soldered to motor terminals) REQUIRES: Installation into Micro RS4. SPECS: Length: 26mm (1.02") Diameter: 20mm (0.79") COMMENTS: HPI recommends using this motor with optional front universal dogbones, use HPIC7246. This motor will however work fine without the universals. HPI also recommends using this motor with their 6V micro pack, use HPIC4259. This motor has a round can. It does not have the flat spots that the stock motor has. HPI claims best performance will be achieved with a 9T pinion gear. Tower Hobbies does not yet carry replacement brushes or capacitors for this motor. Please contact HPI for these parts.


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