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Expanding Micro Electric Flight

Gentle circles at half court, then swooping under the basketball rim just missing the net. Indoor electric slow flyers offer a whole new experience of flying fun, and GWS offers one of the easiest and least expensive ways to get into indoor flight.

GWS's new Pico Stick is the simplest way we've seen to jump into this indoor hobby. The Pico Stick is GWS's "sort of" semi scale indoor version of an Ugly Stick. With its spruce stick fuselage, foam wings and tail surfaces, molded wing mounts, and radio mounting hardware, the Pico Stick can be ready for flight in about two hours. The kit includes a powerful dual ball bearing micro motor, gear reduction drive, and propeller.

Up and running

An efficient gear reduction drive gives plenty of power for over 13 minutes of flying fun.

At just 7ounces ready-to-fly weight, the Pico Stick is incredibly light. Rate of climb is excellent as we typically take off from the floor and climb just below the 20-foot gymnasium ceiling in a mater seconds. Estimated cruise speed is in the 5 to 8 mph range, but what's most incredible is that we commonly get over 13 minutes of flight time on a 270mAh battery pack. Flying the Pico Stick is easy and fun. It's fairly responsive, which is necessary for tight indoor maneuvering, and has no bad slow speed or stalling habits. Because of its ultra-light weight, the Pico Stick should be flown indoors or outdoors only in dead calm conditions.

Radio installation is a snap. Note the micro receiver up fron (left)

To get you going...

In addition to the kit, you'll need a micro radio system, a speed control, and a battery. GWS offers a flight pack especially designed for the Pico Stick. The flight pack includes 2 micro servos, a 2-amp proportional speed controller, a micro 4- channel receiver, and a 270mAh 7.2V battery pack. In addition, you'll need your transmitter and a matching frequency GWS micro crystal. Get in on the slow flyer craze and open up new places for flight with GWS's Pico Stick.

The GWS Naro Flight Pack includes a 4-channel micro receiver, 2 Pico servos, a 2-amp speed control, and a 270mAh 7.2V battery. Pico servo versions are also available for even more size and weight savings.


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