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ABC 1/24 Pocket Racer DTM SP
Click here for Abc Hobby Dtm X-4 the new 4 wheel drive model.

Please visit our new site which includes a larger micro R/c car product line 1/64, 1/43 to 1/18 scale R/C Cars!

With a wheelbase of only 110mm (4”) and weighing about 8 ounces, ABC’s new 1/24 Pocket Racer DTM SP lets you take the thrill of R/C racing with you just about anywhere. Despite its incredibly small size, the Pocket Racer has plenty of features you would expect to find on much larger scale kits, such as an adjustable wheel base that can be adjusted to 105mm, 110mm, and 115mm lengths. Other goodies include a ball thrust differential that aids cornering, an anodized aluminum motor mount that doubles as an effective heat sink, and a M&Y 130SZ motor. This ABC kit requires a 2-channel radio, a mini electronic speed control, a mini servo, and a 7.2V 270mAh battery and charger.  We stock the Airtronics Blazer  which includes: micro servo, receiver, pistol grip radio, and the incredibly small es 01 speed control.  See the Crp unit electronics combo on the Dtm X-4 page also!

Key Benefits

bulletVery fast scale model with driving characteristics  similar to 1/10 scale electric touring cars.
bulletCan run in a very small area.
bulletA lot of fun for a reasonable price


Combo pricing  on dtm sp!                                                               

Description Manufacturer Buy now
Dtm sp kit 74.99

Click here for Abc Hobby Dtm X-4 the new 4 wheel drive model.


In stock

Dtm sp kit with Blazer sp package 175.99 abc

In stock

Ball bearing set for Dtm SP 28.99


In stock

Pinion set for Dtm SP 1.99 abc

In stock

Safety bumper 2.95


In stock

Carbon fiber chassis set 33.00

Picture 27.jpg (33706 bytes)


In stock

40 tooth diff. spur gear

42 tooth diff. spur gear

46 tooth diff. spur gear all three in set 8.95

stock is 44 tooth


In stock

Stock rear foam tires (works on tamtech too) 3.49 abc

on order

Stock front foam tires (works on tamtech too) 3.49 abc

In stock

Ac quick charger for 7.2 volt packs.  10-15 min charge time. Specific for Dtm Sp 43.99 abc

In stock

Dc quick charger for 7.2 volt packs.

10-15 min charge time. Specific for Dtm SP 28.99


In stock

Stock 350 mah battery (works on tamtech too) 28.99 abc-9

In stock


180 sh motor for Dtm sp or Hpi Micro Rs4 12.00


In stock


1/24 Supra GT body 110mm 10.99

68162[1].jpg (8420 bytes)

Corner markers 14.95

Zebra markers 14.95

coming soon!
1/24Toyota Toms 84c 107mm 10.99

Copy of 68177.jpg (9119 bytes)

1/24 Jaguar xjr-9 115mm 10.99

Copy of 68200xjr968175.jpg (9390 bytes)

coming soon! coming soon!

See the Abc Hobby Dtm X-4 and Fm Crp unit!


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