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GWS Zero Fighter Park Flyer

A Park Flyer with Pep

Introducing the GWS Zero Fighter

For most modelers, the term "park flyer" conjures images of a mildly powered electric airplane floating through the park at a serene 15 mph. GWS is about to radically alter park flyer perceptions with their new semi-scale Zero park flyer. This fully aerobatic, almost-ready-to-fly plane is anything but your typical day at the park.

Outstanding Scale Appearance
As park flyers go, the GWS Zero is by far one of the most scale ARF subjects we've seen. All its molded foam parts come out of the box prepainted in authentic green and gray Japanese WWII colors. The included black plastic cowl sports molded machine gun ports, just like the real thing. Even the clear plastic canopy is provided with adhesive strips to recreate the canopy lines.

The decals that are provided are authentic as well. In addition to the markings you would expect to be included( like big, red "Rising Sun" insignias), GWS has thrown in decals for tail numbers, squadron markings, and maintenance placards. Not a whole lot is left to the imagination. Once built, this plane looks like a Zero.

Quick Assembly
The Zero can easily be flight ready in a couple of evenings. The list of primary assembly tasks is relatively short: join the fuse halves, mount the horizontal stab and landing gear, trim and mount the cowl and canopy, and install the flight pack. That's about it. Most of the time you'll be waiting for glue to dry. Once finished the Zero will weigh in anywhere between 12 1/2 to 13 1/2 ounces, depending on the chosen flight pack.

An included GWS 370 electric power system gives the Zero plenty of muscle. The GWS 370 is an all-in-one unit that comes with a 300C motor and gear reduction drive already mated. After attaching the included 10x8 prop, the whole system simply pops onto the Zero's stick motor mount. This handy setup will let modelers swap GWS EPS units later on and experiment with different gear ratios and prop combinations. The flight pack, which is sold separately, requires an 8.4V 600mAh battery, 4-channel micro receiver, micro electronic speed control, and three sub-micro servos.

We outfitted our test model with three GWS Naro Sub-Micro Servos (1 elevator, 1 rudder, 1 aileron), the GWS GWR-4P Micro receiver, and a GWS GS-100 micro ESC. The flight pack and motor were powered by an Expert 8.4V 600mAh pack. This setup worked flawlessly and gave the Zero enough power and control for sport aerobatics. We highly recommend using GWS electronics with GWS kits whenever possible.

Living Up to a Legend
During WWII, there were few allied fighters that could come close to matching the maneuverability of the Zero. For a park flyer, the GWS version is plenty nimble also, thanks to ailerons on the wings and the robust 300C motor. Top speed is around 35 mph, a tad brisk for indoor flight but ideal for aerobatics in the park. Yes, we said aerobatics.

We're talking loops from straight and level (inside or out), barrel rolls, inverted passes, even rolling circles. Of course its slow-speed behavior is excellent too. After all, it is a park flyer. Flying around at reduced throttle, we were able to wrap the Zero into tight 20' wide circles without a hint of a tip stall. Normal stalls were tame as could be and could be recovered from quickly. This stability made for tranquil takeoffs and landings as well.

If you want to spice up your park flying experience, the GWS Zero is a great way to go about it. Its semi-scale lines, aerobatic ability, and stable slow-flight stability make it about as well-rounded a park flyer as you could hope for.

Length: 27.8 inches
Wing Span: 33.5 inches
Wing Area: 204 inches2
Wing Loading: 8.72 oz/foot2
Flying Weight: 12 1/2 to 13 1/2 ounces
Power System: GWS EPS 370 (EPS 300C motor w/gear reduction drive)
Propeller: 10x8

Radio: 4-channel aircraft system
Battery: 8.4V 600mAh
Servos: 3 - GWS Pico or Naro sub-micro servos
Speed Control: GWS ICS 100 electronic speed control or equivalent



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